Broccoli is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables of the Brassica family. Rijk Zwaan has a relatively young breeding programme in broccoli, but we do see good opportunities for improvement in this growing crop.

Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea) is a familiar plant to people in Asia as well as many countries all over the world. This is not only a vegetable with high economic value for growers, but it is also known as a nutritious food rich in vitamins that are very good for human health. Broccoli is often cooked with many different ingredients to create diverse and nutritious dishes.
In Asia, broccoli is grown in cool conditions such as autumn (August to October) and winter (November to February) like in the North of Vietnam and year-round in areas with cool temperatures.
Rijk Zwaan aims to offer varieties for all markets and adapt to local growing conditions. One of our earliest introductions, Agassi RZ, is gaining popularity for its tolerance to extreme warm and dry conditions.
In Asia, Rijk Zwaan focuses on selective breeding programs of broccoli grown in greenhouses with short growth periods, high yield, uniformity and good resistance to common diseases.

Customer reviews

Mr. Gede Bingin Mustika

Plaga Farm (Indonesia)

The service and advice of Rijk Zwaan helped to convince me to further invest in growing lettuce on hydroponics.

Rijk Zwaan helps growers to be successful in protected cultivation!
I discovered greenhouse farming in the early 90's as a young boy, at that time my father recently moved from open-field vegetable production to greenhouse cultivation. To overcome technical challenges, he found technical support with Dutch experts companies. Today, on daily basis Rijk Zwaan team in Asia is still doing this similar job to help our partners make their vegetable production and distribution business successful, ultimately contributing to healthy vegetable supply in our region. More than quality and innovative seeds varieties alone, it is an honor to also provide tailored advises (business, growing knowledge, market opportunity, trends sharing...) to support you with the best of our knowledge and experience.

Jean-Marie  |  
Account Manager
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