Melon is one of the fastest-growing crops within Rijk Zwaan. We have intensified our breeding efforts in melon worldwide. The goal is clear: we want to develop quality melons to be available throughout the whole year.

Melon (Cucubit Melo) is one of the new fruit crops in Southeast Asia countries. With many outstanding features in terms of quality and high nutritional value, melon has become one of the premium fruits popularly used in many countries, especially for high-class consumers. Melon is not only popular in Asia but also has high value when being exported to many countries in the region and around the world.
Most melons are transported over vast distances, shelf life becomes an important criterion. The Rijk Zwaan varieties combine a good flavour with excellent presentation and fruit quality. Our breeding work for growers concentrates on stable, high-yielding varieties with good disease resistance. We have an increasing focus on important traits for the convenience market. This includes larger fruit, thin skin and a small seed cavity. Structure, firmness and shelf life after processing also play an important role in the development of convenience melons. In the Caribbean concept, you will find these traits combined in a series of varieties.
In recent years, melon plants are being grown more and more. Also, the area of ​​greenhouses growing melons is increasing rapidly and melon fruit has brought great income for many growers in Asia. For example, melons originating from Vietnam also remark Vietnamese agricultural product brand in the international market thanks to their high quality and beautiful design.
Rijk Waan is one of the first companies to develop lines of melons grown in greenhouses in the Asia market. Many solutions from melon varieties such as Silver Coral and Golden Emerald have been offered that meet the Asian consumers.

Customer reviews

Mr. Marconi

Director of Ananasfarm (Malaysia)

I think we have aligned with our company goals and business as well.

As the most populated continent, Asia needs to ensure sustainable food supply. Rijk Zwaan can contribute to bringing Asian farming to a higher level with innovative varieties that meet Asian culture and market trends

Novianto Novianto  |  
Product Development Specialist
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