About Rijk Zwaan


Around 3,800 highly motivated employees in more than 30 different countries find it both fun and rewarding to work on creating value-added products and services for our partners every day.

Company structure

Three families own approximately 90% of Rijk Zwaan. The remaining 10% of the company is owned by a large group of employees through the employee share scheme. Every year, each colleague has the chance to buy share certificates and hence to participate financially in Rijk Zwaan.

Long term vision

Rijk Zwaan was, is and always will be an independent enterprise. We are convinced that this form of enterprise offers the best starting point for success in the short and long term. The determination of the shareholders to continue as an autonomous company, together with our specific company culture, forms a strong motivation for Rijk Zwaan employees around the world.

Market position

Rijk Zwaan is the no. 4 vegetable breeding company in the world with a market share of 9%. We have chosen to focus fully on vegetable seeds and offer a wide assortment within the sector.

Sales structure

To sell our varieties, we opt for a local approach. Our seeds are sold in more than 100 countries through around 30 local sales subsidiaries and numerous distributors. In countries where we do not have our own subsidiaries, we work with distributors. All of these companies operate at the heart of their particular market and take local climate conditions and market conditions into account.


In order to develop new varieties and supply top-quality seeds, continuous innovation is essential. 40 percent of our colleagues are actively involved in research and development, and we invest around 30 percent of our turnover in R&D each year.

Company movie

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