Quality and consistency

The many different colours and sizes mean that vegetables offer huge diversity. At the same time, however, the market wants consistency; growers, retailers and the processing industry all require a uniform product. To encourage repeat purchases, they cannot afford to disappoint consumers. Standards and expectations are rising in the emerging economies too, where the growing middle class is increasingly willing to pay more for quality and reliability.

First and foremost consumers buy vegetables based on their visual appearance, so clear and attractive presentation is essential. We set ourselves apart in this respect thanks to our high general standards of quality. We strive to achieve maximum yield with our seeds and a minimum number of shape or colour deviations in the end product. We also offer products with unique characteristics, such as a tomato with an intense red colour on the inside or a melon that still tastes great even after a long period in transit.

Case study: ‘A good melon, even in the winter’

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