Taste and texture

An appealing flavour is very important in vegetables. In fact, the bar is continually being raised around the world. Retailers must be able to offer consumers the same taste experience all year round to keep them coming back to make repeat purchases. Chefs or catering companies want to surprise their customers with an exclusive flavour or unexpected ‘bite’. However, consumer tastes vary per country/region and great-tasting vegetables still have to be produced profitably and sustainably.

Stand-out taste or texture
At Rijk Zwaan, taste and texture play a prominent role in all of our breeding programmes. Furthermore, we offer varieties that really stand out in terms of flavour or mouthfeel. These can add breadth and depth to a standard range. For instance, we have developed a compact version of the tasty ‘piel de sapo’ melon in response to northern European consumers’ preferences for smaller melons. Another example is our aubergine that absorbs less fat, making it particularly suitable for frying.

Case study: 'Growing opportunities for flavoursome specialty'

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