Rijk Zwaan has a leading position in the international cucumber market. Our dedicated team of breeders continuously develops new, innovative varieties for all growing conditions. Two fine examples of these innovations are the introduction of the BlueLeaf concept and the BonDefense varieties.

Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L.) is one of the popular vegetable crops in Asia as well as in many continents around the world. It is often grown on a large area and spread over all geographical regions and weather conditions.
For consumers, cucumber is used as an indispensable salad ingredient in every meal of every family. Due to the increasing demand for clean and high-quality food, cucumber production in greenhouses is increasingly developing and becoming a trend for the supply of clean food for consumers in Asia and other countries all over the world
Cucumber varieties in the Asia market are being grown popularly in many countries and they also bring very high incomes to growers.

There is a wide diversity in cucumbers. We develop them in a variety of colours, skin forms and lengths, from mini to long and from smooth to spined.
One very good example of the diversification of Rijk Zwaan are the snack cucumbers, which are just the right size to eat in one bite. This type is also ideal as a snack between meals, especially for children. The snack range is now further expanded with a light green variety with a firmer bite, an attractive creamy-white and a bicolor.
Cucumbers grown in greenhouses are one of the fruit crops prioritized by Rijk Zwaan in the company strategy of the breeding development. Currently, Rijk Zwaan is a leading company providing cucumber varieties in greenhouses in Asia markets and those varieties are very popular among growers due to their high yield and high quality. Not only focusing on developing high-quality seeds, but Rijk Zwaan also concentrates on developing varieties that meet the tastes of local consumers.

Customer reviews

Mr. Shri Gangaram Sepat Ji


I use Rijk Zwaan cucumber varieties since 3 years. I am achieving good yields and profit with the Rijk Zwaan hybrids. When I received technical knowledge from the technical team of Rijk Zwaan my company got benefited.

Asian cucumber products is top1 in China's vegetable consumption market, the demand is very big. 24-921RZ has been promoted in China for more than 3 years, and the market feedback is excellent. The fruit skin is straight and bright, the flesh color is yellowish green, and the taste is sweet and crisp. The plant has good disease resistance, reduce the use of chemical pesticide in cultivation, cost saving, safety and health.

Xiaofei Song  |  
Crop Specialist
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