The gherkin market is globally connected. Small changes in the gherkin market can have a big impact on production areas and variety requirements. Our team of international crop advisors follow up on all trends and developments in the international gherkin market. With their and your input, we continue to develop new and innovative varieties with new characteristics and resistances.

Gherkin (Cucubit sativus L.) is used to eat raw, make salads or pickle for closed jars. In some Asia countries, gherkins are mainly grown and processed for export purposes.
Gherkin is widely grown in many different ecological regions and is usually gathered in the areas around the processing factories. Currently, there is a great need for gherkins as processed products. As such, the growing area of ​​gherkin in Asia countries is expanding and this plant also contributes significantly to the income of growers.
Rijk Zwaan is a company famous for its high-yielding gherkin varieties with good resistance to a number of diseases, wide adaptability, beautiful fruit design, good quality and diversity in sizes. As a result, it is very suitable for being processed and packaged into jars.

Customer reviews

Mr. Ryan Nguyen

General Manager of Uncle 8 Farm & Cafe (Vietnam)

I think, Rijk Zwaan is considered a strategic partner for my business, and when possible I will use Rijk Zwaan’s product for our crop because I know it's been tested and to me, it's a relationship, and both sides have to benefit from it.

Making sustainable farming profitable - The general perception by growers is that mid and high-tech farming is costly and thus not profitable. We, as Rijk Zwaan experts, are working hard to prove to growers & investors that, although initial (high) investments need to be made, modern (focus on sustainability & food safety) farming still can be profitable.

Ahmet Tunali  |  
Area Manager
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