Watermelons are known for their juicy, sweet flesh and very high lycopene content. Rijk Zwaan has expanded its breeding activities in this crop and we are now pleased to offer our first outstanding varieties.

Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus L.) is one of the traditional crops of Asia and many countries around the world. Watermelon is also known as a nutritious fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, accordingly very good for health.
Commonly grown in many regions throughout Asia, watermelon is one of the crops that bring high economic value to growers. In addition, watermelon not only serves the domestic market but also has great export value.
With a strategy of developing high-quality watermelon varieties for the Asia market, Rijk Zwaan is focusing on developing seedless watermelon varieties, micro seed watermelons, carotene-rich red flesh watermelons, etc... with the promise of bringing a lot of value to growers. The breed is currently being tested by Rijk Zwaan and will be launched in the market in the near future.

Customer reviews

Mr. Ong Kai Hian

Executive Director of MEOD Pte Ltd (Singapore)

On top of providing a large varitey of high-quality seeds, which is crucial for quality high yield, Rjik Zwaan's pre- and post-sales support was commendable. We appreciate the close and genuine partnership between Rjik Zwaan and local farmerslike ourselves. With their support, we are able to deliver more variety of healthier and safer food to the communities we server

Watermelon entered Vietnamese's hearts from the story "The Legend of Watermelon", now Vietnam has not only red flesh melons, but also yellow flesh melons, especially seedless watermelons which are widely accepted. Let's try and taste the seedless and micro-seed watermelon varieties from Rijk Zwaan.

Dang Van Nien  |  
Director of Rijk Zwaan Vietnam & Product Development Specialist
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